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RoUtilities is a professional group management API created to help you manage your businesses. We offer a powerful ranking service and derivated products/services, along with many other practical tools. RoUtilities has plenty of features to help represent your business at it's best! Join our Discord Server if you require support, or want to be the first to hear about updates!

Instant Deployment

RoUtilities' products are only a few clicks away! What are you waiting for? Setting-up your first center with us is a walk in the park.

Top Level Security

All of our servers are protected by state-of-the-art hardware and software firewalls. This, as well as our routined server backups also provides further peace of mind that your business is safe with RoUtilities!

Complete Customization

Customize your centres from A to Z using our sophisticated Design Editor so they match your business' theme colors.


Our advanced, yet easy to use APIs, are fully documented and easy to get a grasp on. Push even further the limits of our services using this powerful tool.

Guaranteed Availability

Our services are guaranteed to be available 100% of the time! We're so sure of this that if they go down unexpectedly, even for just 5 minutes, we'll credit your account!*

24h/7 Support

Need help? RoUtilities' Customer Service team works around the clock to provide support for all of our products. Have any issues?

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It's FREE*!

Our best feature yet.. all of our services are free for most groups!

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Try the leading provider of Roblox Application Management systems, with powerful integrations.

Ranking Centers

Introducing our new Rank Management Centers! This is an easy to use automated system for monetising your Roblox Group! 💰


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